Indy Startup Develops Masks, Air Filters to Kill Coronavirus

2020 - August 27
INDIANAPOLIS - Masks are currently part of our daily lives, but these facial coverings aren’t stopping coronavirus particles from passing through, say researchers at IUPUI. The viral particles are too small for masks to capture, but the team says it has developed a solution that deploys the power of copper—at a microscopic scale—to not only trap the virus particles, but also kill them. Applicable for both masks and air filters in high demand for hospitals and schools, the technology has given birth to a startup that the team says could soon ink commercial agreements.

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Researchers use copper to make face masks safer

2020 - August 13
INDIANAPOLIS– A team of researchers at IUPUI are hard at work making reusable masks safer.
And they’re using copper to do it, because the metal has anti-viral properties.
In fact, copper is already used in doorknobs and handles that are frequently touched for the same reason. Professors Mangilal Agarwal and Hamid Dalir with the mechanical and energy engineering department at IUPUI explain how it works.


IUPUI researchers develop reusable mask

2020 - July 27
When COVID-19 hit, they adjusted their research to a different need. They are combining nano technology and copper oxide, which is known to have anti-microbial and anti-viral properties. After essentially spraying a thin layer of copper on fabric, regular masks become as effective as N95 masks.