NanoScaffold –Enhanced (NSE) Composites 

Cheaper, Lighter but Stronger Composites


The work by MIT Solutions exhibits a practical method to enhance the interlaminar shear strength by depositing a thin layer of electrospun carbon nanotube (CNT) reinforced epoxy fibers in between the pre-impregnated composite. It can be more efficient in increasing its mechanical strength as it provides a large volume to surface ratio with porosity and forms interlayer bonding. This helps achieving the interfacial toughening effect and increase short beam shear strength by over 20%. The process is done with limited usage of carbon nanotubes compared to other commercially available products. The CNT dispersion and formation of nanofibers through electrospinning method is scalable to the industrial commercial level. Thus, the goal of this proposal is to develop fabrication methods and machinery to make large scale fabrication of reinforced pre-impregnated carbon fiber sheets and make lighter composite structures for aerospace, automotive, wind energy and sporting goods.

Well dispersed CNT in
epoxy matrix solution

NSE Enhanced Composite Prepreg Roll

Compatible Roll-to-Roll Carbon fiber prepreg Process